Hi everyone! We are a group of researchers based out of IIT Gandhinagar. We have been doing some cool stuff in the computer science (CS) + sustainability space and are starting this blog to share our updates.

We are passionate about sustainability and are working on projects related to air quality, energy and water consumption.

This blog/website has several purposes, including, but not limited to:

  1. Reduce the entry barrier to research: To explain our work in “layman” language.
  2. Make science more open: We plan to talk about code, models, and everything to ensure our work is easy to replicate.
  3. HowTos: Oftentimes in our research we end up hitting a wall. We plan to talk about how to circumvent those walls!
  4. News and updates

We hope to engage with all of you.

Nipun Batra (PI of Sustainability Lab)